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Optimized For Xbox Series X Explained

2020-05-24 22:10:15

Optimized for Xbox X series for Xbox Series X Guide

With the new console model that has appeared known as Xbox Series X it is bringing a new image, logo and a variety of games that appear to be high-end and performance, in this we refer to the Optimized for the Xbox X series.

The badge for the best

The idea of ​​this badge is to confirm that the game has been developed to seek the best performance within the capabilities of the Xbox X Series. This implies that all the characteristics are in their maximum capacity of the X Series of X. and we will explain each one

Maximum visual quality

One of the premises when launching Xbox Series X, will be the possibility of offering 4K content without limitations. With technologies such as Ray-tracing and HDR. This feature will have an incredible improvement even higher than the Xbox One that many users are used to. Optimized for Xbox X series logo offers the game that offers this kind of experience.
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The Importance of Frame Rate

Another important point that certification includes is the so-called frame rate. Until now, Xbox One was capable of reaching 60 images per second, however, with Xbox Seres X, the speed reaching up to 120 stable FPS during the game. But it is important to know that this figure also depends on the game and until now, we only have some titles that they offer, such as Dirt 5, Gears 5, Ori and The Will of the Wisps, Orphan and the Mahine and Second Extinction.

A clear example of this is the recently announced Assassin’s Creed Valhalla game, since it only reached 30 FPS in 4K, something that many would not expect to see on a new generation console.

Faster loading times

With the help of Xbox Velocity Architecture, the allocation of extremely fast load times thanks to the customized SSD and a carefully structured software in this way will take advantage of the new hardware to streamline all the processes of loading textures, files and in general , the start of all games.

With all these incredible specifications regarding Optimized for Xbox X series, the new Xbox Series X console sounds like a real video game machine. and you also expect it?

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