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2020-05-25 09:25:58

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The areas to explore in Maneater make us want to know where to find Dead Horse Lake, let's see.

Why is it important to get to Dead Horse Lake in Maneater?

  Normally there are many interesting spaces that we can get in this game, each having its advantages and collectibles, specifically this particular lake is presented to us after having left the sprinkles after the first mission, it is there precisely where it is necessary achieve 10 benchmarks but not necessarily all are achieved, since we are presented with a blessed error that still has no solution but it is highly possible that in a very short time it will be solved.

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Where to find the Dead Horse Lake in Maneater?

Reaching this lake is not as easy as you think, since there are practically no indications, since it will only be necessary to use the marker of the objective that can direct us to the location of the Grotto, the detail is that we are not given any indication about of how to access, we may believe that there is a passageway but in reality it is only necessary to look at the sky and head in the opposite direction if we really want to get to the lake, taking into account that it is located west of Fawtick Bayou, it is a point that we can see marked on our map.

This is quite a strong trip, but it is only the beginning for the trip to the Grotto, while we go west of Fawtick Bayou we find a grid that could obstruct our passage, but in reality it is not like that, since it is the right place To enter the lake, only that we still need some route, here it is necessary to take a look at our map, it will be necessary to move to the marked point, there we can realize that it is possible to jump, because we managed to observe above the water a wide opening, we just jump and swim to the grotto, which is important since with this we have managed to overcome a barrier.

 This is all we know about where to find Dead Horse Lake, we hope that you can get there too and continue this underwater trip that is interesting and can only be offered by Maneater.

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