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2020-06-25 11:49:37

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For all those who are wondering how to Faster Overworld Travel in Minecraft Nether, we leave this article with everything you need to know.

What is Minecraft Nether?

This is the latest and biggest update that the game had, corresponding to version 1.16, the new update is loaded with a lot of new content and elements that we have already been talking about.

As you already know, the world of Minecraft is incredibly large, allowing you to create almost anything, that's why players have used the Nether to travel between their creations more quickly. Note that in the Nether the space is reduced by an 8: 1 ratio.

How to Faster Overworld Travel in Minecraft Nether?

If you're wondering how to Faster Overworld Travel, you can do so by creating two keyed Nether Portals, connecting the two with a tunnel, and then using them to safely travel the world eight times faster than normal.
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But if you want to go even faster, we recommend using the Soul Speed ​​enchantment that allows you to go faster than ever as long as you move through Soul Sand or Soul Soil. It has three levels of enchantment and as you can imagine, each one has a higher speed than the previous one, being level 3 the one that gives a higher increase and allows you to go 27.5 percent faster than normal. Soul Soil allows you to go at normal speed if you don't have the enchantment and it won't slow you down.

If you check out our guide to the Soul Speed ​​enchantment, you'll probably remember that this stance has the potential to inflict durability damage to boots, so they'll end up wearing out faster than normal.

You can place an Ender Chest at either end of the tunnel so multiple players can wear the same pair of Enchanted Boots.

You can obtain this enchantment by trading with Piglins or attacking Bastion Remains.

So we come to the end of this guide on how to Faster Overworld Travel in Minecraft Nether, now that you know how to speed up the journey through the game world do not forget to stop by our previous guides in which we talked about this potion and other methods to mobilize a lot Quick.

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