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Today we made a Maneater guide for you in order to explain Where to find golden shores nutrient cache

What are the nutrient residues in Maneater?

The first thing that we should know is that these are easily the most valuable resources that we have in this game, specifically on the golden banks it is possible to get 17 deposits, the good thing about them is that on the one hand they are easy to get, the areas where these are located are full enough, these resources are usually hidden and contain experience to become more powerful.

There are some opportunities where it will be necessary to get some of those deposits as an adult, because this is because not all of us have to get it right away, but this is not a bad thing easily in the game options.

Where to find the nutrient reserve of the golden banks in Maneater?

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    As we go to play we have the possibility of getting marked some objects of interest, implying with it the need to collect some reserves of nutrients when we consider it necessary, because this can be done while we are swimming.

    Nutrients can be opened with a few bites, as these are protected. As soon as we get some waste, they will simply be marked on our map, also if we are busy with something else it is possible to choose to return later, because at that time it will only be necessary to get close enough to the area where they are, proceed to hit our Radar so they can show up, so it's important that these devices are found typically have some extremely helpful resources, and overlooking them is not an option.

    In one way or another, knowing Where to find golden shores nutrient cache is undoubtedly an interesting and necessary activity in Maneater.

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