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2020-05-25 10:36:18

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The enemies in Maneater can be quite strong but you need to be prepared, let's see How to beat the Apex Barracuda

Exactly what is the Barracuda vertex in Maneater?

 The first thing we should know is that this is undoubtedly a quite formidable boss, and it is possible to get him in a fight that will not be easy, since it is important to consider that this is a level 10 boss and it is possible to get him on the horse side. dead, facing him will not be easy but we must fight to do it, because we have no other option to choose, our goal is to achieve victory at all costs.

How to beat the Apex Barracuda in Maneater?

 One of the best options we have to face this boss is to evade him, because this is because he is normally quite fast, and he will place this as an advantage over us, but at some point it is possible that he will pass us, it is there where It will be necessary to be prepared to get at least three bites and immediately proceed to dodge the attack, because obviously it is not intended to be removed.
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Although the Apex Barracuda may be fast, it is necessary to keep calm a little and thus wait for the indicated moment, we have the possibility of stunning it with our tail whip, it will only be necessary to consider that it becomes orange and proceed to attack, this will be Precisely the best time to get an excellent amount of damage, it will only be necessary to avoid the blue water plume as much as possible and proceed to eat some smaller fish to heal quickly.

  With this we have reached the end of our guide on How to beat the Apex Barracuda while we are in Maneater, counting on the need to be extremely strong.

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