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2020-05-25 11:07:06

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Actions in Maneater are always the order of the day today we come with an explanatory guide about How to open the map

Why open the map in Maneater?

It is important to note that this is a game that has the areas divided between tunnels and routes, the ideal is to open the map so that it does not make us very confused, just by zooming it is possible to get the map to expand a little and thus achieve a better view, because in reality the map is simply a necessary tool.

How to open the map in Maneater?

To open it, just press:

  • The Options button on the PS4.
  • The small button located on top of D-paden Xbox One.
  • The M key on the PC.

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For all those who are wondering how to speed up the journey around the world in Minecraft Nether, we leave this article with everything you need to know.

It is necessary to have the idea of ​​being able to travel quickly using the grotto, for this it will only be necessary to place the cursor on the grotto and then proceed by pressing the indication button, since the ideal is to place a road map or a marker that we will allow ourselves to mobilize from one side to the other.

One of the excellent options that we can obtain with the map is the location of a grid, and if we have already unlocked it is the ideal time to head towards it, with the power of access to other areas in search of some necessary resources.

Well when we have managed to discover the map it is possible to achieve with some reference points that have been indicated on the map, it is possible to send an email to the radar while we are not swimming and that it manages to update our map constantly, in addition, it is possible have the possibility of achieving the mission objectives, some animals necessary to hunt them, the license plates, in short, a series of interesting objectives.

Definitely knowing how to open the map puts at our disposal some number of elements in Maneater and it is our task to use them to the fullest.

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