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2020-05-24 23:04:04

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Guide to learn how to save your game in Maneater

There is a wide variety of games that deal with Marine exploitation, but the case of Maneater is a little different because this game is from the point of view of the Shark that seeks revenge against a human and while this happens the shark grows stronger.

You can spend several hours playing and your shark will continually improve. You can do other things like eating wildlife and terrorizing humans along the way to find the hunter Scaly Pete.

But as long as you stay in story mode it's a lack of visible save feature that will eventually lead to the question of How to save your game.

Fortunately, saving is a natural process that occurs throughout the game.

How to save your game in Maneater?

The game was released in 2020, Maneater players don't have to worry about pausing submissions to save their progress.

This is because the save feature is automatically activated after specific goals are completed during the 15-hour main story. Because of this, players can't decide when they've had enough of Maneater for one night and expect to return to exactly the same place.
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However, there is no need to worry and the game is automatically saved at various stages of the game.

Save triggers

At this point players are advised not to leave a session while in the middle of a goal, as they will lose much of their unsaved progress.

While recording all 7 regions of the game, some activities that trigger personal saving include completing a main story or side quest, using a nearby grotto, or earning upgrades to become the main predator.

In the end, while a missing manual option may be annoying for some players, fully automated saves have their own benefits.

The objective is focused on practicing sports such as biting the limbs of a human and watching them bleed to death. As a last resort this takes several more hours in the game that are not spent on loading screens or looking at rotating icons like other titles.

You can tell players that saving is common in Maneater and the shark continues to take steps to become the strongest fish in the sea.

We hope this guide on How to save your game in Maneater has been useful to you. Good luck!

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