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2020-05-25 09:35:59

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Maneater allows us to be a shark and this is fantastic because we are given the possibility to eliminate other species, let's see How to kill alligators

Why kill alligators in Maneater?

 Sharks are normally very feared animals, not only because they can be large, but because they are predators or carnivores and agile, they can be the true destroyers, but they are not exempt from suffering any reversal, since they have some formidable enemies. , such as whales, barracudas and specifically alligators.

Alligators are quite strong creatures, large and capable of eliminating us quickly, at first we get one hanging around the coasts of Fawtick Bayou, it is fearsome enough but we must take strength from anywhere to defeat it, this is possible because little by little As we play we manage to learn certain lessons that will not only serve to eliminate alligators but also any other predator that wishes to come to end our tranquility and our life.

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How to kill alligators in Maneater?

Alligators are simply predators and as such imply agility, while we are swimming it is vital to stay in constant movement, and wait for the right moment to carry out an attack, it is ideal to avoid them as much as possible, since with a minimum carelessness we can be attacked and die.

In order to kill alligators it is necessary:

  •   Take the rhythm to prepare.
  • Generate a whip blow with the tail.
  • As soon as we see the alligator shine it means a precise moment of attack.
  • It is possible to generate a blow with a bite.
  • It is vital to avoid being attacked, but if the alligator manages to attack us, we must get some time to heal and fight again.

  Now that you know how to kill alligators it is time to practice, because remember that in Maneater it is possible to get us with many predators and it is our task to be forewarned.

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