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Guide to learn how to get all the loot in Minecraft Dungeons

  For those unfamiliar with this version, Minecraft Dungeons is all about getting that sweet loot. As you play, loot will drop from mobs and monsters, chests, and bosses.

In case you play with your friends (which is recommended), it can be a bit confusing when it comes to who can get what loot, so in this section we will tell you the various types of loot and how they fall in the game, also e How to get all the booties.

How to get all loot in Minecraft Dungeons?

Armor and Weapons: Armor and weapons are for individual players. If two players are in the same game, player A can get loot that player B won't be able to see. As an example, an armor piece or weapon can be dropped for one player, and the other player will not be able to see or pick it up.
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    The fuels

    Consumables like potions, food, and arrows can drop from multiple sources. These types of items can be shared, the only thing is that they should think carefully about who collects the various consumables that they can.

    This is because supply chests work a little differently. When you find a chest, each player can open the chest once, but the drops can be available to anyone who needs it.

    The gems

    Gems are the primary currency at Minecraft Dungeons. You use them to buy items from NPCs like the Blacksmith. The gems that drop from the enemies and the urns in the game are instances, and you have to collect them yourself.

    Minecraft Dungeons is a very entertaining game but it is better to know at once How to get all the loot to avoid problems later Good luck!

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