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We invite you to discover How to unlock all mutations, a new task in Maneater.

What to know about mutations in Maneater?

One of the important factors in this game is mutations, with which it is possible to reach a better shark to get out of the best handle before confrontations with humans and other enemies, for this purpose you have to know how to unlock all mutations and in this guide we will have the precise details below.

How to unlock all mutations in Maneater?

  • Amphibian: It is necessary to kill the apex of the Fawtic Bayou to achieve this mutation, with the fastest quality on earth and keeping us alive for much longer.
  • Adrenal joy: for this we have to kill a boss raising our infamy, the moment our HP is low we will receive the advantage, being the only use.
  • Set of shadows: it is necessary to find the reference points that exist in the lake of the dead horse, golden shores, sapphire bay, sands of prosperity, bay of caviar and the gulf, having this the utility of causing poisoning in our enemies and that are slow
  • Protein digestion: we obtain a mutation once we manage to find the reference points in Fawtick Bayou, with this we are able to obtain healing of the feeding organs and we will have 20 percent protein from the same kind of source.
  • Digestion of Minerals: through our infamy we are going to obtain it, in the same way that the digestion of proteins, we will gain more health at the time of feeding ourselves and the amount of minerals will increase from the sources.
  • Fat Digestion: Once we finish with Scaley Pete we are going to unblock this mutation, with which we will heal from what we eat and we will increase the amount of fat from the same sources.

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    • Heart: another one of the many rewards for eliminating the bosses with our infamy, raising our HP and defense against the ships as far as the expelled ones of these.
    • Game of Bones: It is necessary that we eliminate the apex in Dead Horse Lake, Golden Shores, Sapphire Bay, Prosperity Sands, Caviar Bay and the Gulf, making it possible to increase the damage it causes to ships and making it easier elimination of hunters.
    • Brutal muscles: by raising our infamy and eliminating Captain Robert we get it
    • Sonar: with this we can feel things from further away if we get to improve, it is one of the first skills we will have in the game
    • Bio Electric Set: with this we will be able to cause stuns to our enemies once we have bitten them and we will cause more damage, the more we have in our team the greater the electricity damage we will cause, will be obtained with the destruction of the objectives of infamy one by one, by killing more humans, the rank of our infamy will be higher, while eliminating ships causes bosses to appear.

    Now that we know how to unlock all mutations, it is possible to improve our performance and have more fun in Maneater.

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