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Lidia Rozo
2020-08-11 16:23:43

More about: Hellpoint

Our guide today on Hellpoint will let us explain how to get boss shards, let's see.

What does Hellpoint bring us?

This is a game that is only a few days old and has obtained an interesting acceptance, since it is about a humanoid who is stranded in a space station that has been abandoned and will have to fight with a number of extremely challenging creatures that are properly armed, but that is not all because these have some bosses that will not precisely make our lives comfortable, the detail is that we must concentrate on knowing how to obtain boss fragments since these usually contain some particular objects for the elaboration of some weapons or a armor, these are usually important to us and have a specific use, since we are embarked on a story where action, fiction and terror are the main attraction, where it is possible to die or lose the experience, just that we are not going to wait for let this happen.

How to get boss shards in Hellpoint?

Our tour starts with the Sohn tram, but there is no need to use it, since it is only necessary to get ready to walk along the path until we reach a platform that will take us to Archeology, here it is necessary to get on an elevator to get to the floor 2, here we have the possibility to advance and in this path fight with some enemies of Hellpoint, we continue our journey to reach a room that has a demon, here we fight once more to then access another room where there is a point of A break that can perfectly take us to the library through a staircase and from there go to the top floor where we will have the possibility of seeing a room with a treasure but what is really important is the NPC because it will be precisely the one who manages to convert the boss fragments on the prized weapons or armor.

Knowing how to obtain boss fragments simply allows us to have the option of being careful when speaking, since each word we say can have weight in itself and can go against us, since here we are open to some options dialogue when we chat with the NPC.
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Talking to the NPC is our only option but we must consider that a misinterpreted word can make it violent, then we will have to eliminate it, but by doing so we will simply not achieve anything because it is an extremely valuable resource, so it is best to measure ourselves when speaking It is good to make our intentions clear to him and for this it is good to answer "I have no intention of killing him", that gives him peace of mind and he will not attack us, allowing us to know how to obtain boss fragments so at this point he will proceed to tell us which fragments are we have it can be useful to turn it into armor or weapons in Hellpoint.

The boss fragments can only be obtained from precisely these, for this it is necessary to eliminate them, to use them it is necessary to eliminate the Risen Congregators since this opens up the possibility of accessing the Sohn District, so know how to obtain boss fragments simply It is presented as the option location to qualify for fundamental tools such as weapons, specifically each fragment can unlock a particular item and they are the following:

  • Utho's deck: with this fragments it is possible to get a melee weapon.
  • The hand of Ozy: this fragment allows us to get a claw-type melee weapon.
  • Helmet interface: with this fragment it is possible to obtain a helmet.
  • Nemundis Oculus: with this fragments we can get a ball and chain melee weapon.
  • Light Striker: this fragment allows us to get a melee weapon, specifically the last one and that the fragment is from the final boss.

Now that you know how to obtain boss fragments, it is time to proceed to obtain the necessary weapons to defend yourself more comfortably in Hellpoint.

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