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Guide to know where to find the health module in Hellpoint

This game introduces a health module, although this does not seem as striking as in other games based on Dark Souls oborne, it still maintains a complicated air combined with the theme of the game. Because of this we will teach you how to find this very important module.

Where to find the health module in Hellpoint?

For starters, the health module does exactly what it sounds like: "provides a slight boost to health." Behind the Axion capacitor, it is the second body module you can pick up, and the truth is that the health module can be acquired early in the game.

Go to Arcology's "Customs Bridge Breach". This is the Rift you unlock right after defeating the Heavenly Beast in that very spot.
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    With the gap in the back, look to the left side of the area. You will see a set of stairs and steam coming out of a vent. There is a door behind the steam. Enter through that door.

    Once you enter see a sealed door. Don't worry about it, there is a switch to the right of the door. Hit the switch, open the door and follow the path to the end. Continue smoothly and you will come to a dead end, where you will find a raised slab and a loot box.

    Grab the box to get the health module upgrade.

    Now that you know where to find the health module in Hellpoint you can update the game and see how this will be of great help in your game from then on. Luck!

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