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2020-08-07 10:23:28

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If you want to know How to get the boss weapons in Hellpoint, excellent you are in the right place to know it with details.

What to know about the boss's weapons in Hellpoint?

Each of the bosses will give us fragments or materials that we will get to change for boss armor or weapons, there are 5 main bosses and apart from them others more with which it will be necessary to face and win for our progress in the game, now to know How to get the boss weapons, let's see the following content.
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How to get the boss weapons in Hellpoint?

In the Sohn district we are going to meet the Architect, after we have beaten the congregants, it is possible to get his armor, for this we are going to go to the tram, this is further away than the Issoudun port, having to have a ropeway, Then we will find the access door to a certain part of Archeology, we will find an elevator in the next room, on floor 3 the eye codes are placed and on floor 2 it is where we will go, it is possible to access the door that gives us access to the passport terminal, the opposite direction will be our course to go, passing through the corridors we find a series of zombies, we can eliminate them or continue long, while a demon will be in the next room , the channeler's baton weapon is here too, then we'll get to a library by way of a breakup that's in the room.

We will be in a room where we will find a NPC with whom we will initiate a dialogue, always keeping in mind that we must avoid killing him, for this we will always respond by denying it, thus gaining access to the fragments that we can convert, it is good to know some of the capabilities of the boss's weapons and armor, let's see them below.


  •  From the final boss we have: the Light Strike
  • From the boss In High Ateliers we have: the Helmet interface
  • Melee Weapons: Nemundis Oculus, Mallet of Uthos, Hand of Ozy

 We hope this information on How to get Boss Weapons is very useful for better performance in Hellpoint.