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In the Hellpoint universe we have many tasks, one of them has to do with the eye codes in the eye two tower and the details will be covered here.

What to know about the eye codes in eye two’s tower in Hellpoint?

It is necessary that we do the lifting of the tower of the eye two before the codes are entered, specifically the tower one is not working, so we must find the controls to achieve it, first we have to go from the Arcology passport area to go to the corridors of Ikora, to use the one that we find following the main path, now there are more details to discover we just have to continue with the content of this guide from now on, let's do it carefully.

eye codes in eye two’s tower in Hellpoint

We will be located in the artillery chief's room, this the moment we pass through the dark corridor and climb the short stairs to our left, it is necessary that we kill the artillery chief, after that we will find 2 trails one that leads us to the door where the pattern C is found, that of Alma Mater and the other is to the Arcology where we have the lifting of the tower of the eye two.
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    We have to focus on our environment once we are in the Arcology, with the determination to reach the first floor, finding that the stairs on the second floor will guide us to a healing object and we will also get access to the interior and Atrium of the Alma Mater by In the middle of a passage, considering that for the tower of the two eye the golden cube will be the key in the elevator area, it is necessary that we go through the corridor in a loop to reach the final floor of the Alma Mater and face Uthos, now If instead we go to the elevator we will arrive at a place to face the boss Archon Knight a second time.

    Now we are trying to return, for this we have to be saving the synchronizers of the gaps, so that the Cabaret street we must pass, to our right we will find a breaking point with greater proximity, being our destination to go to the passage that It takes us outside, we will go through some crowds and going up the corridors we will reach the elevator and we will be back in the area where the eye tower control is on the third floor.

    This is the end of our guide on eye codes in eye two’s tower, hoping that you can get the most out of Hellpoint, a very busy game.

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