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In the following article we have prepared everything you need on how to fix stuck at the Main Menu in Hellpoint for you.

What is the problem with the main menu in Hellpoint?

This is one of the technical issues the game presents, which causes its players to get stuck in the main menu, specifically when trying to update the build.

How to fix stuck at the Main Menu in Hellpoint?

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Even though the developers have yet to release a solution on their part, they are already aware of it, and we will probably have one directly from them at any time. In the meantime we have some recommendations that will help you.

The first thing we recommend you do is go to C: Users [user] AppDataLocalLowCradle GamesHellpoint> then you will have to replace [user] with your username. You must bear in mind that if the "AppData" folder is hidden it will be necessary to show the hidden folders in the folder options> within the final path you will have to delete all the data it contains> then you will have to access the game again, which should no longer present the problem.

To show the hidden folders you will have to open any new or existing folder on your computer> select "View" that you will see in the upper corner of the screen> activate the "Hidden items" box and that's it.

 That's all you need to know about how to fix stuck at the main menu in Hellpoint, so we hope it has been very helpful to correct this problem in the game.

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