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Lidia Rozo
2020-08-07 17:18:56

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One of the most important and interesting things we can get at Hellpoint are the skin and this allows us to know how to get the EVA suit

What is the EVA suit in Hellpoint?

Our trip through Hellpint allows us to move through various complex areas where we get particular enemies, because here the action and fiction are extremely reflected, it implies knowing how to obtain the EVA suit to avoid being eliminated quickly, because the rather complex environment that is Present has a place to eliminate us and this would make our adventure simply come to an end even when we are just starting, so let's not turn around and see how to get this suit that allows us to go to outer space and feel safe.
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How to get the EVA suit in Hellpoint?

This is a suit that can be obtained relatively quickly and that is important since we will have to visit some external areas, if we do not have it we will simply die with ease, this suit is not an impressive super improvement but if it has a lot of utility that is really necessary, but this does not end here since it is necessary to get the so-called upgrade plans.

This is how we can get the EVA suit in Hellpoint:


  •  Our journey to know how to obtain the EVA suit starts at the embassy and from there it is necessary to go to the Observatory.
  • Next we will go to Archeology to proceed to kill the head of the Celestial Beast.
  • Then it is necessary to go to the terminal since it allows us to enter a passport destination, where it will be ideal to choose the Ikari path.
  • We continue because it is important to cross the roads of Ikari since here we are offered the opportunity to collect some loot and then end up arriving at the room of the artillery chief and eliminate it.
  • Then we take a look to the right where we can see the EVA suit plan on one of the pedestals.
  • We keep moving forward because our next job is to locate a 3D printer, as well as resources such as Inselio to make improvements to the suit.


 The EVA suit is a fundamental element to be able to walk and explore space, although if our goal is to go to Arcology, underground it is also excellent, especially since there we will have the opportunity to get the Nervous Wiring. There is a chance to get another EVA outfit at Hellpoint and this is specifically at the High Ateliers but we are not going to delve much into it in this guide.

 Generally speaking, knowing how to get the EVA suit allows us to feel more secure when walking in external areas at Hellpoint, so don't hesitate to look for it, it really is necessary.

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