Angel Marquez
2020-08-07 09:54:36

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The action in Hellpoint does not stop, so today we are going to explain the Eye Codes in pattern C.

What to know about the Eye Codes in the C pattern of Hellpoint?

It is necessary that we reach the Alma Mater, for this we have to return to the place where we defeated the artillery chief, since the upper floor will take us to the atrium, following the corridor we will find a secret door in the next room, Here we will come to a switch that causes the onslaught of enemies by a train, after that we have to climb some stairs and at the end to reach the Alma Mater atrium we are going to find a vent that will take us there.

We will come to meet some enemies, which we must eliminate to take the key of the cabaret that is next to the elevator, this key will serve us to access a door that we have close, reaching the streets and from this place we will make an interaction with the gaps that we have close, after we surely save the game we will return to the place where we found the key and we will go to the third floor, to reach the chamber of the hour of the black hole, where we will find a puzzle.
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We will find some dangerous ledges that can make us fall, what we will do when we get to where we are going is to reset the breakpoint so that the hour of the black hole can pass, now we have to eliminate the artillery monster and as a prize we get a shield of the torture board, below us we will notice another railing, where there are more axions and materials, at the end of this the use of the elevator is necessary, the same one that brought us to the second and third floor, now we are going to return to the center of control of the ocular codes where we will introduce the codes.

What are the Eye Codes in pattern C in Hellpoint?

For pattern C we have:


  •   The fourth eye code: 6080 7797
  • The code of the fifth eye: 2856 5003


  We hope the detailed information on the Eye Codes in Pattern C here has been helpful to your progress at Hellpoint.