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Angel Marquez
2020-08-07 16:45:18

More about: Hellpoint

Today we bring you a Hellpoint guide where we will explain you about eye codes in archeology.

What to know about eye codes in archeology in Hellpoint?

It is important that we reach the bottom of the elevator that we find in Arcologia, to do this we have to have defeated the Chimera boss, we get a salvage breakpoint, we reach the passport terminal and a door in which there is an elevator available for now, the sohn district will be our destination to follow, among the steps that will help us reach our goal in Hellpoint, once we are here it is necessary that they come to the raised congregators and thus reach an area where find a tram, after we do this it is possible to get to the center of the eye codes in archeology, the next details will explain what to do.

Eye codes in archeology at Hellpoint

As a signal can be perceived the visualization of each of the eyes, it is important to know of the existence of the pattern in each of the codes that we have obtained, with this there is also this sequence of eight digits, this with the necessary movement that we will do to the towers as appropriate, the eye codes in archeology we must place for the specific eyes according to their pattern, taking into account the fact that in the current area the time of the black hole debacle, this because the Irid Novo station is located turning around this, we will be able to see it to the upper left of the HUD by denoting the clock.
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We are before a puzzle that solves, we have the hours of hell and those of the black hole, in hell we have to face the hordes in some of the rooms, this is the moment of the hands that indicate the minutes and the hours are at 3 and 9, being 3:45 or 9:15, passing the circle will be passing through the segments, now in the case of the hour of the black hole, we need some golden barriers to open, this being the small circle always, the that marks the time is very close to indicating the precise zone of Irid Novo, for Archeology we have that at rush hour it will always be, it does not have to do with real time only in the game through the HUD.

There is a fact to highlight and it is time for the clock to be located at 5 we must load our saved game of Hellpoint, a weight of which we have made the saved later and that time has elapsed, there is a connection with the towers that we have already activated at the moment the hour of the black hole is presented, by means of a ray that will expose the singularity, what is presented is a kind of triangulation of the area and thus it is possible that we arrive at a room with the golden barrier, the Duration of this is 15 to 20 minutes, so it is necessary to place the correct form of the codes and get as fast as this room can be.

It is good that we apply a gap synchronizer, this next to the Arcology passport terminal, is due to the fact that we are very close to the tower elevator and we have to consider the fact that we wait for the time of Black Hole and we are in the gate area, they will safely keep the passage blocked, if we want the golden barriers to be removed we will have to come and go to the different areas quickly.

Finally now that we already know about the ocular codes in archeology we can continue on Hellpoint.

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