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Angel Marquez
2020-08-07 16:58:28

More about: Hellpoint

We invite you to discover the Eye Codes in pattern A in this Hellpoint explanatory guide.

What to know about the Eye Codes in pattern A in Hellpoint?

It is necessary that we go to the Sohn district to use the codes of pattern A, for this we must be in the space port after having defeated the imbecile twins, we will find a teleporter which we will synchronize for when we have to return by Pattern B, we will find a door at the end, after we pass through the boss arena turning then to the left, so we will go down the straight hallway arriving here, we will go through another confrontation with another of the bosses inside the black hole hour chamber , the Arconian knights, which does not represent a risk as such, the plans of the weapon of the Arcon spear we will obtain once we defeat it and the creation of this weapon we will do it by means of the 3D printer, we will also find the Blood ritual as you continue down the hall and get to the room opposite.
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What are the Eye Codes in pattern A of Hellpoint?

For pattern A we have:

  •   The two eye tower code: 2602 9417
  • The four eye tower code: 5624 7947

  In conclusion, knowing the Eye Codes in pattern A is excellent because it allows us to continue advancing more in this interesting and moving game like Hellpoint.

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