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Angel Marquez
2020-08-10 05:30:59

More about: Hellpoint

Today we bring you a Hellpoint guide where we will explain the eye codes in the embassy area.

What to know about the eye codes in the embassy area in Hellpoint?

There are secrets to which we will be able to access, this considering the existence of other 2 additional cameras that do not need tower codes, it is necessary that we be very attentive to the silver circle of the game's HUD, if we want to see the location of the other two cameras it is necessary to understand the eye codes in the embassy area, now let's see the following content that will support us in this regard in Hellpoint.
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eye codes in the embassy area in Hellpoint

One of the additional places of the cameras is in the embassy, ​​it is necessary that in the space walk zone we have access to an Eva suit, without making a fixed one it will not be possible to progress, thanks to this it is possible that we swim through space Without having to die from radiation and cold, having this suit we will go through until we reach a railing through which we will climb and even jump on the way, it is key that to access the camera of the time of the black hole be in the precise time for it to be open, here we will get some iron hands and some burned zombies, we have to take them out and we will reach a ledge to find the weapon of the white hand of the prophet and more.

In Puerto Issoudun we will find the other chamber, at 7 o'clock is that we will have the availability of access to this chamber in this place, in the entrance area of ​​the tram is precisely where the door that takes us to said chamber is, we will notice that It says danger, it is necessary that we eliminate Defas Nemundis if we want to access the door, he is one of the bosses of the game and that when we defeat him and return we will have the prodigal spawn opening the door for us.

When we enter we will see a few swords, while in the other room below we must fight again and among the loot we obtain are an axiom condenser, a channel of foresight and a sanity puppet, there is much more to it. the corridor outside this chamber.

 So we come to the end of our guide on eye codes in the embassy area, hoping that you can get the best out of Hellpoint, a fairly busy game.

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