Lidia Rozo
2020-08-11 09:34:34

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The sport of fighting cannot be better reflected than in UFC 4 and therefore it is imperative that you know how to
submit your opponent

Why know How to submit your opponent in UFC 4?

While it is true, fighting games have certain similarities, but between UFC 43 and UFC 4 there are some notable changes, because in the previous installment we had some variants such as the option to locate ourselves on the defensive side to execute the submission, it was only enough to move the sticks, between points it was only about getting our opponent to move to the final wall and thus advance to submission, but this has managed to present us with some changes when it comes to knowing how to submit your opponent, because it has been all installed a system that for some is fantastic, for others not so much but in the same way it will be present for.

How to submit your opponent in UFC 4?

The first thing we must be clear about is that the changes are generally for the better and practically these are usually reflected in most games, however, knowing how to submit your opponent in this game allows us in the first instance to understand that we are immersed in a different system, where we will use the LT / L2 and RT / R2 triggers, as well as the left analog stick, this has some similarity to WWE 2K, only that when we make a presentation in UFC 4 we can see a transparent bar through the The middle of our screen and within this bar are two even smaller bars, only these are colored, one blue to cover the opponent's bar and the other red so that the presentation meter reaches its end.

The opponent normally tends to move, because he will want to avoid submission at all costs and it is perfectly understandable, this is where it will be necessary to be alert to the Escape meter, because it will allow it to reach the end, it is simply synonymous with the fact that he managed to avoid our submission and us. We will fail, but obviously our work is not about being beaten, it is about achieving our objectives, so it is necessary to consider the possibility of submission by asphyxia, for this it will only be necessary to use the left analog stick, at this point we observe with Clear the blue and red bars that we mentioned in the previous paragraph, and here we fill in the Presentation meter to get our submission.

Knowing how to submit your opponent is really a simple job, but it has some details that can be slippery, as this implies, if we move the bar too fast the red bar will shrink and this makes it more difficult to cover the blue bar, because this We add that it is necessary to execute each stroke perfectly because the shipments have been reduced after the UFC 4 beta closed, this simply means that it is necessary to be precise in our movement of the bars avoiding that the opponent manages to get loose so as not to lose submission.

Definitely knowing how to submit your opponent is simply a simple task but one that we must take with precision, because the idea is to ensure that the opponent does not let go in UFC 4, trying will be worth it.