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Those who are dealing with this problem have come to the right place, because we have a guide on how to fix failed to launch error Valorant.

What is the failed to launch error in Valorant?

This is an error that has been occurring in an increasing number of players who have been given the message "failed to launch", which is preventing players from accessing the game correctly. But it has a solution and we will tell you how to solve the error when starting.
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    How to fix failed to launch error in Valorant.

    The first thing we recommend you do is reinstall the Vanguard application and remove applications or other running programs that may be stealing space.

    If the above did not work we recommend you try the following: close the game and disable the related games in the task manager, then you will have to uninstall Vanguard from the add / remove programs menu and also uninstall the game itself.

    Access the search menu and type CMD, run it as administrator and type "sc delete vgc", then hit enter.

    Now type ‘sc delete vgk‘ and hit enter again.

    Restart your PC computer and install the Valorant game again and the problem should have been fixed.

     We hope that with this guide on how to fix failed to launch error in Valorant you can solve this annoying problem and continue with the fun in the game, remember that with this article we have much more content about this and other games that will be very useful to you.

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