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XCOM Chimera Squad: How to remove scars

2020-04-29 11:53:29

Negative states in XCOM Chimera Squad are simply not very feasible so let's see How to remove scars

Why remove scars in XCOM Chimera Squad?

Both inside and outside of this game the scars are frowned upon, in the case of the game they are associated with quite negative aspects, so it is necessary to get some way to eliminate them, since normally these scars tend to decrease the statistics of certain team member, and this tends to become quite a complex problem.

Our goal should be to eliminate scars, since there is no need to lose some control points that we have achieved simply by having a scar, since these are usually seen when any of our agents lose all health points, so it is necessary to mobilize quickly while bleeding to give you immediate attention and get rid of these unpleasant marks.

How to react when getting a scar in XCOM Chimera Squad?

Scars are a very annoying problem in this game, so it is important to know how to eliminate scars, so in a situation like this, the first thing we need to do is get our team member to be stabilized, for this we will use the ability stabilize a number of times, since it is probable that this wounded man may be covered in blood.

Some scars usually appear when more than half of HP has been lost, of course this is an ultimate option, since it can rarely happen, but does not imply that it does not happen, it is only necessary to ensure that in any circumstance that this could simply happen we have to mobilize our wounded man to the command center where he will receive the respective scar.

At this point it is possible to observe that the statistics have been considerably reduced, since health has a critical hit, the detail is that being an agent will simply be less useful on the battlefield, so we must choose a scar hero in the Scars field, to get information related to it, just read the description that is there, as these should not be ignored since if they happen they can worsen the picture.

 How to remove scars in XCOM Chimera Squad?

 Scars are simply a rather negative aspect that we find in this game, and it is possible to eliminate them, only to achieve this it is necessary to order a special training for a hero in the command center, a pretty good option to get rid of the scar. In resistance training, only this does not happen overnight, so we must be patient and do it for a few days where there is no possibility of participating in missions.

 It is ideal to heal scars periodically, because this is precisely so that you do not have to be placing someone else on a mission, especially this is more complicated when we do not have exactly who to place, remember that first aid kits are not exactly the indicated to get rid of scars or abilities, because they have a different function here.

 In short, brands are simply not the most viable, so it is necessary to know how to eliminate scars, because now you can get them removed little by little to get your agent to return to the missions and give continuity to XCOM Chimera Squad.

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