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2024-04-15 09:13:04

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Today, we bring you a very detailed guide on How to get Airbending in the Fortnite Avatar event.

What to know about Airbending in the Fortnite Avatar event?

Airbending in Fortnite is a scroll required for the Avatar event is not an easy task to perform. However, by applying the method that we will detail below in this guide on How to get Airbending in Fortnite Avatar event, you will have the ease of carrying out this task without major complications.

How to get Airbending in Fortnite Avatar event?

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  To achieve this, we must find an Air Shrine that houses the elusive container of folded parchment. It is possible to come across him lying on the map, we must be attentive to the unmistakable glow of the orange beacon and slide in that direction when he jumps from the bus. It is vital to wait to deploy the glider until we have reached our destination, since it allows faster movement in the air. With the Airbending Scroll in hand, we'll use it wisely in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2.

It should be noted that this scroll is not designed to deal damage, but rather to quickly traverse the map, this includes moving over bodies of water, making it essential for escaping the storm. The Aribending Scroll does not disappear after being used, but has a cooldown period.

Next, these are the details of each Airbending skill:

  • Air Wheel: with this technique, vehicles simply become obsolete because it offers superior movement and speed, even in water, we must keep in mind that it does not inflict air damage to our enemies.
  • Air Jump: This ability allows us to fly and teleport in a short time, the duration is enough to escape from an enemy who has gotten too close for comfort.

Airbending primarily serves as a means of rapid movement, we should not overlook its potential in combat situations. It is effective in quickly reaching enemies, especially when combined with the aggressive Firebending technique, ideal for hand-to-hand combat.

In conclusion, knowing how to get Airbending in Fortnite Avatar event allows us to gain an advantage and thus fight more easily in the game.

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