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2024-04-23 12:02:28

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Today we bring you a guide where we propose to explain how to visit Coastal Columns in Fortnite.

What to know about visiting Coastal Columns in Fortnite?

It is good to know that the search for the Earth Chakra in Fortnite requires a visit to two places, on the one hand, the Coastal Columns and, on the other, Mount Olympus. Although locating Zeus's house is a simple task, since it is a named location on the map, Coastal Columns presents a slightly more challenging task and, therefore, we invite you to continue reading this guide on How to visit Coastal Columns in Fortnite.

How to visit Coastal Columns in Fortnite?

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We are allowed to reach the Coastal Columns location by jumping off the battle bus at the beginning of the game and going straight to it. We'll know you've arrived when we see structures, stone columns, and a statue of Poseidon Fishstick located west of Pleasant Piazza.

Once we reach this area, we just have to land and the mission will begin. We should keep in mind that there may be a lot of people during the ongoing Avatar Elements event. In this case, it is ideal to land on the outskirts of the area and move quickly towards the notification that is shown on the screen when completing the mission.

Once the Coastal Columns are completed, we may still need to travel to Mount Olympus. Fortunately, this location is marked on the map, and we can find it in the southeastern desert region. The best part is that we don't have to visit the Coastal Columns and Mount Olympus in a single game. As it is, it is best to land on Mount Olympus directly from the Battle Bus in a separate game.

Now that you know how to visit Coastal Columns in Fortnite, you can embark on this task and access another place where you can do more exploration.

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