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2024-04-17 14:46:59

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We offer you an interesting guide in order to tell you Where to find Aspect of the Gods in Fortnite.

What to know how to find Aspect of the Gods in Fortnite?

This game offers us different outfits and that is why today we tell you Where to find Aspect of the Gods in Fortnite, this is a coveted medallion, which can only be obtained by conquering the formidable Gods of Olympus bosses at different reference points during the Myths event, and Mortals from Season 2 of Chapter 5 of Fortnite.

Where to find Aspect of the Gods in Fortnite?

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It should be noted that when conquering a boss and his minions, they will drop a medallion imbued with their powerful energy, which will give us a significant boost. Our Fortnite map shows the precise locations of each boss, marked by iconic pillars at their respective points of interest, once we reach the area designated for a boss, it will come into view with an imposing golden statue representing the Olympic athlete, we must examine it to break the statue and free its minions before summoning the boss, defeating the boss and its minions allows you to claim the Aspect, along with other valuable treasures such as weapons, grenades and consumables.

Alternatively, if another player beats us to the boss, we can still get the medallion from him by eliminating him. It should be noted that acquiring the medallion grants us the corresponding Aspect power until the end of the game, or until someone manages to surpass us in battle. But, acquiring an Aspect comes with a caveat. While it grants significant buffs, it also summons a glowing ring around us on the map.

The more Aspects we manage to gather, the more precise this ring will become, with four Aspects that expose our exact whereabouts. This makes us a prime target for opportunistic players looking to defeat us and seize advantages.

Below are the locations and effects of the four Aspect of the Gods medallions in Fortnite:

  • Aspect of Agility (Cerberus) is found in Grim Gate and allows us to obtain charges of Underworld Dash over time.
  • Combat Aspect (Ares), is located on the fighter's Battlefield and allows us to increase the damage to our ranged weapon.
  • Siphon Aspect (Hades), is found in The Underworld and gives us a healing siphon effect when eliminating an enemy.
  • Aspect of Speed (Zeus), found on Mount Olympus and increases our running speed and your jump height while running.

Once we manage to activate one of the Aspect of the Gods boss statues, the minions will emerge in successive waves, we must kill them all to summon the boss, who will bring additional minions into the fray. Be careful with other players who may join the fight, and make sure you are fully prepared to face both the boss and any rival competing for the medallion.

In conclusion, knowing where to find Aspect of the Gods in Fortnite allows us to access a medallion that allows us to take some vital advantages in the game.

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