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2024-04-14 22:04:20

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This time we return with a guide with the objective of explaining where to find Firebending in the Fortnite Avatar event.

What to know about Firebending in the Fortnite Avatar event?

This is a technique that benefits us a lot, because we can envelop enemies in flames both at close range and at medium distance. You have to use it without thinking, because Avatar Sages does not disappear from the inventory, but it does have a cooldown. We can perform the recharge period if we have more than one scroll, which will give us enough firepower, it is appropriate with this that we know Where to find Firebending in Fortnite Avatar event and for this we see the following content.

Where to find Firebending in Fortnite Avatar event?

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To find Firebending Scrolls quickly we will look for a Shrine for Fire with a Scroll Receptacle or simply acquire it from the ground, to discover the shrine, we will look for the crimson beacon while we are in the air and we will fly in that direction, with some luck, we will get it first. We must remain calm until we identify the desired destination. Every time we find a Shrine for any type of element, it will give us two scrolls. It is up to our discretion whether we prefer to wield both or just one and free up space for other weapons or items on our correspondents.

We can use Firebending in two ways, these being:

  • Fervent Arc (medium range): Generates flames that propel waves of fire towards enemies.
  • Inferno Pound (close range): Descends from above in a fiery explosion. This is ideal for close skirmishes as it deals area of effect damage. It's safe to declare that this is my main attack of the two.

If the enemies' health bar is full they will not fall in one hit. It is appropriate to inflict damage and unbalance the opponent and then attack him with this fire attack, to lead to his disappearance, or at least, severely defeat him. This tactic is very advantageous, especially in the early stages, where not many contenders wield formidable long-range weaponry.

Thus we come to the end of our explanatory guide on Where to find Firebending in Fortnite Avatar event, you just have to follow the instructions to find this incredible element of the game.

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