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2024-04-10 21:34:36

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We invite you to discover How to unlock Aang in Fortnite with our explanatory guide.

What to know about unlocking Aang in Fortnite?

Simply put, Aang is part of the skins that this game usually has for us. However, knowing how to unlock Aang in Fortnite makes it necessary to take into account some particular details, and this involves the Elements Pass and more, in this sense, we invite you to continue reading and thus receive complete information.

How to unlock Aang in Fortnite?

To unlock Aang in Fortnite you need to purchase the Elements Pass, which will be available when Aang arrives in the game. This will last for a limited time, we will automatically gain access to Aang in Fortnite. Additionally, we will have to complete challenges to earn XP and unlock other Aang-related cosmetics, including his Avatar form. It should be noted that Aang will not be sold separately or in a bundle in the in-game store during its initial release. However, there is a chance this could change in the future, as Epic has been known to release skins throughout the year. Even the most exclusive skins may eventually become available in the Fortnite store.

What can we find in the Fortnite Elements Pass?

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The Elements Pass in Fortnite has a total of 9 elements from the renowned Avatar: The Last Airbender series, this makes it the pinnacle of this collaboration, the content of the pass is:

  • Aang, a Fortnite skin with an added LEGO Fortnite version
  • Airbender Aang Gesture
  • Aang back bling
  • Aang's Banner
  • Aang gesture
  • Aang Spray
  • Aang's staff as a gathering tool.

This is everything you need to know about How to unlock Aang in Fortnite, so we invite you to follow the instructions given here and continue enjoying the game.

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