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We invite you to discover How to hire a heavy specialist in Fortnite with our explanatory guide.

What to know about hiring a heavy specialist in Fortnite?

Giving freedom to the powers of a heavy specialist in Fortnite requires a formidable search for the elusive Meowscles or Poseidon, these game characters have the ability to cause explosions and withstand strong blows, this particularly makes them valuable assets for our team and therefore It is ideal that you continue reading this guide on How to hire a heavy specialist in Fortnite, since here you will find all the steps to follow to achieve this.

How to hire a heavy specialist in Fortnite?

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We must start locating Meowscles in Lil' Villa, it is located south of Reckless Railways and east of Fencing Fields. On the other hand, Poseidon is located in the core area of Reckless Railways, and we can often see him near the train station, we should note that only these two NPCs qualify for the Heavy Specialist role, and add any of them It will cost our team a hefty 250 gold bars.

As these are popular targets, their locations serve as hot spots for landing, especially if you have an active mission involving them. Meowscles tend to be the safest and easiest option to reach first, but success ultimately depends on the route of the Battle Bus.

How to hire a supply specialist for your Fortnite team?

Now, to recruit a supply specialist, we will have to locate a Spartan Assassin or Bravo Leader and take them on board, these characters require a fee of 250 gold bars and are known for carrying useful supplies, such as ammunition and items. Healing like Chug Splashes, making them perfect for the supply specialist role.

Here are the locations:

  • Spartan Assassin can be found near the DJ booth in Slumberyard, located east of Classy Courts.
  • Bravo Leader we often find this one in the lower region of Snooty Steppes, usually hanging around the vending machine in the area.

Snooty Steppes is usually deserted, I visit this place frequently to recruit Bravo Leader, and we have had no problems recruiting him for this mission, it is worth remembering that both characters are less difficult to persuade than the heavy specialists, we must keep in mind that we can have a great demand because other players also complete this mission. Likewise, in addition to recruiting a heavy specialist and a supply specialist, we may consider completing other crucial tasks, such as the Aphrodite Snapshot missions. To do this, we need to find and use an exploration party, so it may be beneficial to stop at one while searching for the desired NPC.

In general terms, knowing how to hire a heavy specialist in Fortnite, offers us the opportunity to carry out a formidable search and thus continue completing challenges.

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