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In this entry of our guide, we are going to tell you how to find underworld chests and Olympus chests in Fortnite.

What to know about finding underworld chests and Olympus chests in Fortnite?

These usually contain loot that we cannot waste and in this sense, it is necessary to know how to find underworld chests and Olympus chests in Fortnite, they are part of the changes and novelties that this new season of the game has.

How to find underworld chests and Olympus chests in Fortnite?

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The deities of Ancient Greece left their heavenly abode on Mount Olympus and descended into the virtual world of Fortnite, here we are allowed to search for the loot they offer. With unpredictable treasures up for grabs, all we have to do is hone your skills and knowledge to uncover these hidden prizes. In this ever-changing landscape, obtaining weapons is key to ensuring a Royal Victory. But with such a wide range of options, a unique approach is necessary.

The current season, themed around Myths and Monsters, features two designated locations for Underworld chests: The Underworld and Grim Gate, marked on the map in the upper left corner. These chests will continue to be available until the end of the in-game event on May 3. After that, players will have the opportunity to unearth legendary items such as the Wings of Icarus, the Thunderbolt of Zeus, and the Chains of Hades.

We can find the elusive underworld chests in particular locations, replacing the usual whereabouts of the common and highly sought-after treasure chests. These hidden treasures become less elusive when we manage to activate the Visual Audio function, which provides a guide in the center of the screen to point out nearby chests. By traveling deep into the chests of the underworld, we will be rewarded with coveted loot, including avatar abilities, the divine banana, and extremely rare weaponry.

Finding Olympus Chests: A Quest for Adventurers

To locate the elusive Olympus chests in Fortnite, we must travel to Mount Olympus or the Brawler Battlefield, located in the southernmost region of the map. Although some of these coveted chests can be found in Brawler's Battleground, most tend to manifest further north, along the sides of nearby Mount Olympus, due to the large number of possible spawn points.

The treasures hidden within the Olympus Chests are equivalent to those found in the Underworld Chests, featuring a collection of rare items, the esteemed Banana of the Gods, and even the Avatar's coveted elemental bending abilities.

If you follow these instructions on How to find underworld chests and Olympus chests in Fortnite, you will be able to access the loot they contain and take full advantage of them.

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