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2024-04-15 13:35:28

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We are often presented with challenges in games, and that is why today we will explain how to destroy a cabbage cart in Fortnite.

What to know about destroying a cabbage cart in Fortnite?

This is another necessary task that we must complete, these are usually located in the middle of notable landmarks, such is the case of Pleasant Piazza, Lavish Lair and the Hazy Hillside tunnel. In this sense, knowing how to destroy a cabbage cart in Fortnite makes it necessary to keep an eye on the tiny market stalls, decorated with scattered cabbages; These are the cars you must destroy to complete this objective and here is everything you need to know.

How to destroy a cabbage cart in Fortnite?

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We must be careful when looking for these elusive cabbage carts, because not only must we be careful with surprise attacks from other players, but there is also the possibility that someone beats us to the desired location.

With each player competing to finish this mission, this challenge becomes a race against time to locate a cabbage cart, especially when the lobby is full of competitors. We may have to venture to several landmarks to accomplish this task.

In case we find ourselves with a shortage of intact cars in our first stops, the Fortnite map has a large number of cabbage cars, especially along highways, railways and other paths, which makes it necessary to look for them in these parts. .

In the event that players invade our cabbage cart destruction project, we must be properly prepared to protect them. Other players are also on the hunt for these elusive structures and can catch us off guard if we focus solely on this task, neglecting the game that is unfolding.

By successfully completing the mission to destroy a cabbage cart, we will receive Chi and progress in acquiring the Water Chakra, which will bring us closer to claiming the desired reward from the Appa Glider. In addition to the water chakra, there are a large number of lists of elemental objectives that we are allowed to gradually unlock over time, so we will have to be prepared to tackle these objectives as well, since achieving all the rewards will require harnessing multiple chakras.

If you follow these steps on How to destroy a cabbage cart in Fortnite, you will have the possibility of acquiring chakra and thus accessing rewards.

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