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Where to find Old Coins in Forspoken? Learn where to find old coins in the game.

Where to find Old Coins in Forspoken?

In Forspoken, you can find Old Coins by completing detours around the world. These detours are marked with a blue circle icon, and all around the world, you will find detours that can be completed for extra items. One of the items that you can get from these detours is Old Coins. They are typically found in chests around the detours and aren’t given as rewards for completing them. Make sure to check each location for extra chests that might be lying around. They may also contain Nuggets or Feathers.

You can also get Old Coins by finding hidden chests around Athia. Hidden chests are marked by purple dots across the map. Finally, Old Coins can sometimes appear on the ground or on walls around the city of Cipal. You can use the Cuff Scan to locate these coins as you explore the city.

How to Spend Old Coins?

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    Once you’ve managed to collect a few Old Coins, you can start spending them. Old Coins can be exchanged for a variety of goods and services in the game. If you’re looking for items like weapons or armor, you can find them in the shops in Cipal. Old Coins can also be used to purchase items from the many vendors in the city.

    You can also use Old Coins to upgrade your weapons and armor. All around the world, you will find upgrade shops where you can spend your coins to enhance your items. This can give you an edge in combat, and can help you complete the more difficult battles in the game.

    Old Coins are an integral part of the world of Athia, and they can be a great way to get an edge in the game. They can be found in detours, hidden chests, and on the ground around Cipal. Once you’ve found them, you can spend them to purchase items from vendors or upgrade your weapons and armor. With a little bit of luck and some hard work, you can find enough Old Coins to give yourself a real advantage in Forspoken.

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