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How to beat Recreant Knight in Forspoken? This article will help you to battle the fearsome foe and win.

Where to Find Recreant Knight in Forspoken?

The Recreant Knight can be located on the second floor of the Xenos Guild, located in the city of Tanta Sila. To reach it, you need to fast travel to the city and then make your way to the guild. Once inside, you'll find the Recreant Knight waiting for you in the middle of the room, surrounded by a magic barrier.

How to beat Recreant Knight in Forspoken?

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The battle against the Recreant Knight will require a bit of strategy. First, try to stay in the corners of the room, as the Recreant Knight’s attacks can be hard to dodge in the middle of the room. When the Recreant Knight launches its fire projectiles, try to use your spells to scatter them and make them easier to dodge. It is also advisable to use support magic to heal your party members when necessary.

When the Recreant Knight’s wings are exposed, try to focus your attacks on them. When one of the wings has sustained enough damage, it will be removed, resulting in a substantial decrease in the Recreant Knight’s defences. To track the wings’ locations at any given time, try using your cuff scanner.

Defeating the Recreant Knight in Forspoken requires patience, skill and a bit of luck. However, if you manage to stay focused and follow the steps outlined above, you should have no problem taking down this formidable enemy. Good luck and happy hunting!

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