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How to enter the Ferrum Guild in Forspoken. This guide will walk you through the process of joining the Ferrum Guild, from locating it to accessing it.

Where to find Ferrum Guild?

The Ferrum Guild tower can be found in the remote and dangerous Mount Garrison region, south of the capital city of Cipal. To locate the Ferrum Guild, you must progress to the fifth chapter of the main campaign and complete the mission “Tanta Sila”. This will grant you access to the Zip ability, granting you the ability to use grapple points.

How to enter the Ferrum Guild in Forspoken?

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To access the Ferrum Guild tower, you must head west and then north to the Mount Garrison Refuge. From there, venture west to the cliffs and use the Zip ability to grapple and climb the sheer cliff face. On the other side, the Ferrum Guild tower will be visible.

Once you’ve reached the tower, the front door will be locked. To gain access, circle the tower and locate a series of ridges shaped like stairs behind it. Leap up these stairs to reach the entrance.

You’ll find that the Ferrum Guild has two sections, the upper and lower floors. On the upper floor, you’ll find the Kloros Guild, allowing you to access side quests, and the Square Enix store, where you can buy items and equipment. On the bottom floor, you’ll find the Ferrum Guild itself, granting you access to the World of Athia.

Joining the Ferrum Guild in Forspoken is a crucial step in progressing in the game. With the help of this guide, you’ll be able to locate and access the Ferrum Guild in no time. Good luck, and happy adventuring!

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