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How to glide in Forspoken? is a game that is made for the PS5 and PC. Check out this site for more information on this game.

What is Glide?

Glide is a type of Parkour move that allows you to quickly traverse the environment, with the help of timed button presses and magical abilities. Using Glide, you can launch yourself forward and even sideways, allowing you to reach new heights and gain momentum. You can use this move to reach otherwise inaccessible areas, or simply to travel faster than you could by running.

How to glide in Forspoken?

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The Glide spell is unlocked in the Visoria region, south of Visoria Castle Town. After gaining access to Prav's spell list, you can explore the Curiosity Shop and find the Lilac Fount. Jumping into this Fount will automatically unlock the Glide spell, allowing you to consume your stamina and slowly float back to the ground.

Once you have the Glide spell, you can launch yourself off any surface, provided you have enough stamina. To do this, press the circle button to launch a magical tether, which will act as a lasso. You can then press the square button to launch yourself off the tether and float through the air. You can use this move to quickly traverse the world, running rings around enemies and quickly reaching new heights.

Glide is an exciting move that can be used to traverse the world of Forspoken in a more efficient manner. With the help of timed button presses and magical abilities, you can quickly flow through the world, using Parkour moves and abilities to move even faster. With practice, you can use the Glide spell to quickly reach new heights and explore the world of Athia in a unique way.

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