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Learn how to break into enemies when using Shield Shot on Forspoken.

What is Shield Shot?

The Shield Shot is a purple magic spell that can be used to create a defensive shield around the player. The size of the shield depends on the power of the spell, which can be upgraded using the Shield Shot perk. The shield can absorb damage and protect you from enemy attacks. It can also be used to break into enemies, allowing the player to deal damage and take control of the battle.

How to break into enemies when using Shield Shot on Forspoken?

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To break into enemies using Shield Shot on Forspoken, you need to equip the spell from the spell selection wheel (RB). Once you have the spell equipped, you need to hold down the Attack Magic input (RT) to create a rock shield. Once the shield is created, you can release the button to barge into enemies. For the shield to hit them, the adversary needs to be close.

Aside from the Shield Shot spell, there are other attack spells you can use such as Scatter Shot and Burst Shot. Scatter Shot creates an explosion of barbed branches that deals damage to enemies, while Burst Shot is a stat boosting spell that creates a powerful blast of energy.

The Shield Shot spell is a powerful and versatile spell that can be used to protect the player and break into enemies. By combining the Shield Shot spell with other attack spells, you can create unique strategies to take control of the battle. So equip Shield Shot and start exploring the world of Forspoken today!

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