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How to unlock the Home Sweet Hell Necklace in Forspoken? This is a guide to help players unlock the Home Sweet Hell Necklace in Forspoken.

What is Home Sweet Hell Necklace?

The Home Sweet Hell Necklace is a piece of gear that can be obtained in Forspoken. It increases attack magic recharge rate, recover from defenselessness more quickly, and boost surge magic recharge rate. It also unlocks the Craftsperson Trophy and increases Killer Blows, Cuff Counters and Critical Hits.

How to Unlock the Home Sweet Hell Necklace in Forspoken?

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To unlock the Home Sweet Hell Necklace in Forspoken, you must first locate the Curiosity Shop in the Inner Visoria section of Visoria, marked by a double arrow icon on the map. Once there, purchase the Sewing Kit for 64 Old Coins. Collect 3 Fluteblossom, 3 Bumbershoot and 3 Lucid Garland pieces and use the Crafting Table to craft the Home Sweet Hell Necklace.

After crafting the necklace, you can equip it to gain the aforementioned bonuses and also unlock the Curio Collector, Sliding Puzzle and Pieces of Equipment trophies.

Unlocking the Home Sweet Hell Necklace in Forspoken is not an easy task, but it is definitely worth the effort. With the right strategy, players can enjoy all the bonuses and unlock the trophies associated with the necklace. With this guide, you should be able to successfully unlock the necklace and enjoy the game even more.

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