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How to Beat Tanta Sila in Forspoken - A guide on how to beat the boss Tanta Sila in the game.

Who is Tanta Sila?

Tanta Sila is a powerful boss in Forspoken. She is a fire-wielding enemy and is capable of using a variety of powerful attacks. She can shoot fireballs from a distance and is also capable of using powerful melee attacks. She also has statues that can be used to heal her and make her stronger.

How to Beat Tanta Sila in Forspoken?

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Beating Tanta Sila in Forspoken requires a thorough understanding of the boss fight and strategies for each of the three phases. Let's break down the fight into three phases and show you how to beat her.

First Phase
The first phase of the fight is relatively easy. Tanta Sila will use fireballs and melee attacks. To counter this, you should hide behind objects when she shoots fireballs and parkour away when she attacks in melee range.

Second Phase
In the second phase, you can either focus on the boss or take out the statues. If you focus on the boss, you can use ranged attacks to chip away at her health while avoid-

Beating Tanta Sila in Forspoken is no easy task, but with the right strategy and techniques, you can emerge victorious. In the first phase, use objects to hide from her fireballs and parkour away from her melee attacks. In the second phase, you can either focus on the boss or take out the statues. In the third phase, you must dodge her special attack by hiding behind objects or parkour away. With these tips, you can beat Tanta Sila in Forspoken and complete the boss fight.

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