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How to get the Savage Nails in Forspoken is a tutorial that shows gamers.

What is Savage Nails?

Savage Nails is a crafting material found in Forspoken. It is used to craft powerful weapons and armor, and is a valuable resource sought after by many players. It can be acquired through battles, detours, and other activities throughout the game. It is also possible to purchase Savage Nails from the Resident Services, with Nook Miles Tickets.

How to get the Savage Nails in Forspoken

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The most direct way of acquiring Savage Nails is through battling enemies in the Nightmare fog. The Visorian Isthmus in the northwestern region of the game is full of these Nightmares. Once you pass through the Tranquil Gate, you will be able to engage in battle with these Nightmares and be rewarded with Savage Nails upon completion. 

Detours are also a great way to obtain Savage Nails. Detours are side content activities such as exploring ruins, labyrinths, taking out world bosses, and clearing out fortresses which all provide various items, including nails. When exploring ruins, you can find iron nuggets, which can be used to craft the Savage Nails. 

In addition, you can also unlock Nook Stop at the Resident Services, where you can trade Nook Miles Tickets for materials including Savage Nails. You can also purchase Animal Crossing New Horizons Nook Miles Tickets to gain access to the mystery island tours. The mystery island tours will provide you with a chance to find more materials, including iron nuggets which can be used to craft the Savage Nails.

Farming iron nuggets is a great way to obtain Savage Nails quickly. All you need to do is hit rocks on your island with a shovel to find iron nuggets. You can also purchase two-hole plots for 2,000 Nook Miles each and then dig up the rocks for iron nuggets.

Savage Nails are a valuable crafting material in Forspoken, and can be obtained through a variety of activities. Battles with the Nightmares in the Visorian Isthmus, detours through ruins, labyrinths, and fortresses, unlocking Nook Stop at the Resident Services, mystery island tours, and farming iron nuggets are all effective ways to get Savage Nails. With a bit of knowledge and patience, you can obtain Savage Nails fairly easily and use it to craft powerful weapons and armor in Forspoken.

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