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How to perform a perfect dodge in Forspoken, a unique action RPG. Learn how to dodge an attack in the game.

How to Unlock Dodge?

To access the dodge feature, you must first complete the opening tutorial. Once you’ve finished that, you can access the “Parkour and Combat” section of the menu. Here, you can equip different abilities, such as the ability to dodge. For players new to the genre, it’s worth noting that the dodge ability is a “must-have” for combat in Forspoken.

How to Perform a Perfect Dodge in Forspoken?

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Forspoken has two ways of evasion. The first is to press and hold the Circle button to dodge every attack, but it will quickly drain your stamina. To get a perfect dodge, wait until just before the attack lands, then press Circle at the last moment. This will give you a perfect dodge and conserve your stamina.

You’ll know you’ve successfully dodged when you see a blue spark appear. This is a sign that you’ve successfully avoided taking damage. You’ll also be rewarded with a score bonus for a perfect dodge. 

Dodging is an important part of Forspoken’s combat system. Learning how to dodge correctly can mean the difference between success and defeat. Mastering the perfect dodge will not only save your character’s health and stamina, but also give you a score bonus. With practice, you’ll be able to dodge any enemy attack with ease.

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