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How to get Breakshards in Forspoken is a game about exploration and discovery. In this open world, you will find Breakshards, mysterious gems that grant powerful abilities to those who can access them.

What are Breakshards?

Breakshards are clusters of crystals that are found in areas that are most heavily affected by the corrupting miasma of the Break. These shards contain the essence of the Tantas magic and can be used to enhance your magical abilities. There are five different types of Breakshards; Fervid, Leaden, Lambent, Welkin, and Lucid. Each type of Breakshard has different levels of rarity with Clusters being the most common version of each.

How to get Breakshards in Forspoken?

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    There are two main ways to find Breakshards in Forspoken; defeating enemies affected by the Break, and crafting them. To defeat enemies affected by the Break, you will need to take advantage of the high speed movement and nail designs that you have access to in the game. Use these abilities to quickly traverse the area and dispatch enemies before they can do too much damage. Once defeated, the enemies will drop Breakshards that you can collect as rewards.

    You can also craft Breakshards in Forspoken. To do this, you will need to find and collect the materials necessary to craft the gems. These materials can be found in various locations throughout the game world, but it may take some time to track them all down. Once you have all the materials, you can use the crafting menu to create the Breakshards.

    Breakshards are an important aspect of Forspoken and can give you an edge when it comes to using magic and parkour. To get your hands on Breakshards, you will need to explore the world of Athia, defeat enemies affected by the Break, and craft them. With a bit of time and effort, you can find and use Breakshards to give yourself an advantage in battle.

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