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How to Climb Higher in Forspoken? Magic Parkour abilities, climbing abilities and jump abilities of Frey.

How to Climb Higher in Forspoken?

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The first step in learning how to climb higher in Forspoken is to locate the Mulberry Fount. This is located in the barren plains, near the edge of the map. Once you've found the Mulberry Fount, equip the Magic Parkour spell which will allow you to use Leap and Flow abilities.

To use Leap in Forspoken, press the left stick and circle button at once in front of a wall. This will activate the Leap ability and will allow Frey to jump off walls and reach higher heights. To give her a boost in the air, press the circle button. With the help of this ability, Frey can easily climb higher and reach inaccessible places.

Climbing higher in Forspoken can be made easier by using the Leap ability. With the help of Magic Parkour spells, you can easily access inaccessible heights and overcome tall structures and obstacles. All you need to do is equip the Magic Parkour spell, locate the Mulberry Fount, press the left stick and circle button at once and then press the circle button in the air to give Frey a boost. With Leap and Flow, exploring the world of Athia is much more enjoyable and easy.

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