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How to defeat the Dragon in Forspoken? This guide will provide you with the necessary tools and tips to help you overcome this formidable foe.

Where to find the Dragon?

The dragon can be found in the arena where it appears suddenly and requires you to battle it. It’s located in the corner of the map, but it may take some looking around to find it.

How to defeat the Dragon in Forspoken?

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First, you must have a plan of attack. You must be swift, agile, and accurate. Utilize Attack Magic (RT) and Support Magic (LT) to inflict damage, and combine them to activate Surge Magic (LT + RT) when both are fully charged. The Dragon will then begin using fire breath, which you can dodge by running behind a wall or using the Magic Parkour (B + Left-stick). Once you reduce its health bar to zero, a cutscene will play, and you will be able to move on.

However, your fight is far from over. As you climb the wall as guided, the Dragon will once again appear and be ready for battle, this time with even more powerful abilities and magic. You must be prepared. You’ll need to use your weapons and magic carefully to create an advantage. Proper timing and quick reactions are key to success here.

Defeating the Dragon in Forspoken is not easy, but it is possible with the right set of skills and tactics. Be sure to use Attack and Support Magic, combine them to activate Surge Magic, and dodge its fire breath with the Magic Parkour. Additionally, be aware that the Dragon will come back with even more powerful abilities and magic—so you must always be prepared. With the right strategy, you can prevail. Good luck!

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