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Forspoken is a new PlayStation 5 game that is a cross between tower defense and action-adventure. Learn how to unlock Campfire in Forspoken here.

What is Campfire?

The Campfire is a place where players can take a break from their journey and rest. It's a place to cook meals, set up camp, and even take a nap. The Campfire is also an important part of the game, as it provides players with a safe place to rest, recover, and prepare for the next part of their journey.

How To Unlock Campfire in Forspoken?

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In order to unlock the Campfire in Forspoken, players must first complete the third chapter, which requires players to traverse Cipal City’s walls. After acquiring the Leap Spell from the Fount of Blessing, players must use Parkour to ascend the small mountain on the right side of the wall. After reaching the end of the mountain, players must then leap onto the mountains across and scan with Cuff’s to reveal the camp. After clearing the camp of Breakzombies, players can then claim the Firewoods in front of the tent, which will unlock the Campfire.

The Campfire is an important part of Forspoken, as it provides players with a safe place to rest and recover. Unlocking the Campfire requires players to traverse Cipal City’s walls and clear the camp of Breakzombies. With the Campfire unlocked, players can now take a break and rest, cook meals, and more.

PlayStation 5 PS5, Windows PC
Action role-playing
Luminous Productions
Square Enix
Luminous Engine
Release date:
January 24, 2023
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