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Where to find Feathers in Forspoken? Find out how to get Nuggets and Feathers in Forspoken.

What is Feathers?

Feathers are a special material that can be found by completing side quests and defeating monsters. They are a valuable resource, as they are often used to craft and upgrade a variety of items. Feathers can be found in various locations throughout the game, from Locked Labyrinths to Ruins.

Where to find Feathers in Forspoken?

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    The best way to get Nuggets and Feathers is by completing Detours. Detours are the side content you will come across while exploring the world that reward you with materials. There are also world bosses scattered around the map, which are guarded by Mutants. Defeating these monsters will reward you with Nuggets and Feathers. You can also find these materials in chests located throughout the world. When you find a chest, press the R2 button to open it and get the materials inside.

    If you are having trouble finding these materials, look for Tanta's Familiar monuments. There are four monuments scattered across the world, and if you press L2 to crouch, a cat-person familiar will appear. Speak to the familiar, and they will give you Nuggets and Feathers as a reward.

    Feathers and Nuggets are essential components to upgrading and crafting items in Forspoken. With these materials, you can make your character even stronger and more capable of taking on any challenge that comes your way. If you're having trouble finding Feathers and Nuggets, look for Detours, Mutants, and Tanta's Familiar monuments. With enough searching, you'll be able to get all the materials you need.

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