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Learn how to get and trade Poppets in Forspoken. This guide has all the information you need to know.

How to get and trade Poppets in Forspoken?

The first step is to complete the tutorial. After you complete the tutorial, you will gain access to the entire city of Cipal. Once you’re in the city, look for the traders in the town square. One of them will have a stand with Poppets sitting on it. This is the trader who will accept Poppets as payment.

To trade Poppets, you need to approach the trader and press R2 to interact. Once you’re in the trading menu, choose the Poppets option. You will be presented with several items that the trader has for sale. Choose the item you want to buy and then select the number of Poppets you wish to offer in exchange.

How to trade Poppets in Forspoken?

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    Once you have the necessary number of Poppets, it’s time to trade them. To do this, you will need to find Tanta’s Familiar, a small creature that appears at certain points in the game. To find Tanta’s Familiar, look for a yellow exclamation mark on the map. When you get close to it, stop moving and press L2 to crouch. This will cause Tanta’s Familiar to appear.

    Once you’ve found the Familiar, approach it and press R2 to trade. You will be presented with a menu of items that you can trade. Select the item you wish to purchase and then offer the number of Poppets required. When you have done that, the Familiar will give you the item you requested.

    Poppets are a great way to get rare items and gear in Forspoken. All you have to do is find Tanta’s Familiar and offer the necessary number of Poppets in exchange. Remember to keep an eye out for the familiar monuments that appear on the map as they are the locations where you can find Tanta’s Familiar. Trading Poppets is a great way to get what you need and make sure you are prepared for the adventures ahead.

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