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These days we have found some errors in the PS5, so today we will tell you how to fix error code CE-108262-9.

  What is error code CE-108262-9 in PS5?

This is an error code related to the message "There was a problem in the system software the last time your PS5 was used", which occurs when a particular game or application crashes while running. But don't worry, because here we will tell you how to fix the error code CE-108262-9.

How to fix error code CE-108262-9 in PS5?

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    The first thing we recommend you do is turn off the console by pressing the power button on the front panel until you hear the second beep to start in Safe Mode> connect the DualSense controller and press the PS5 button on the controller to pair it> select Restart> press X to reboot in Safe Mode.

    If after the above, you are still wondering how to fix the error code CE-108262-9 in PS5, we recommend that you make sure that the firmware of your PS5 is updated to the latest version available, this since it is possible that it has been released a new update that you do not have and must install to avoid this problem.

    For this you will have to access the configuration> then to System> System software> Update and configuration of the system software> Update system software.

    It is also important to check the stability of the Internet connection.

    You can also try rebuilding the PS5 database to fix the PS5 error CE-108262-9

    This function of rebuilding the database, which will clean the data on your console and order everything on the hard drive.

    For this it is important that the system is up to date> if it is then let's move on to the next step, connect the controller to a USB cable and press the PS5 button on the controller to pair it> hold down the power button until the second sounds beep and you can access Safe Mode> choose option number 5> "Rebuild database" and wait for the process to finish.

     We hope and we are sure that with the advice in this guide you now know and have a clear idea of ​​how to fix the error code CE-108262-9 in PS5, which should no longer appear after using our recommendations.

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