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Angel Marquez
2021-01-06 14:20:25

More about: Red Dead Online

Red Dead Online is a very busy game and today he leads us to discover how to get the New Year bonuses.

What to know about Red Dead Online?

  With the arrival of the New Year we have until January 11 it is possible to take advantage of some bonuses by completing the missions, which makes it ideal for us to talk about how to obtain the New Year bonuses and the details are below.
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How to get the New Year bonuses in Red Dead Online?

Something that has a cost of 3 gold bars is the free honor reset through the normal route, something that is tedious to accumulate the cost, but among the bonuses of the new year this is, so we must speak with Jones to the south of the armadillo, which gives us access to the restoration of our honor and the history is erased, which allows us to start a new life, whether in heroism or crime, now with the purpose that our XP gains are increased is It is appropriate to seek Jessica LeClerk to complete the history chain of the land of opportunities, a fact that allows to triple our earned XP, if we have done it before then the use of the honor reset we obtained is appropriate, because it is worth triple the amount of XP and for the second round of the missions the additional bonus XP, being then the most lucrative, we must also consider the naturalist and collector sales that take us 50 percent and 30 percent Extra cash, a free haircut and even returning some drinks we have with this bonus.

 We hope that this information presented on how to get the New Year's bonuses will be very useful for your performance in Red Dead Online.

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