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Stardew Valley: How to fish

2021-01-06 07:16:26

With our Stardew Valley guide you will learn more about how to fish.

What to know about Stardew Valley?

In this adventure we have that there are many things to do in order for our farm to expand, field work, harvest, recipes and much more, there is a specific activity that becomes of great support for our objectives It is about fishing, this is possible when visiting a specific water source to obtain this resource, considering the use of the rod and if we want some kind of fish, then it is possible to achieve it if we know how to fish, and it is what is going to explain below.

How to fish in Stardew Valley?

What makes us this activity is having details of a letter from Willy alluding to fishing, which allows us to visit the beach, and it is when we get our fishing rod that helps us to start, considering the level of Fishing and the type of rod is something basic, we have to equip the rod in our hotbar and make the activation that allows the accumulation of energy for its launch, being the highest of the bars we have to reach the greater distance when launching it, Then as for How to fish we have to wait for an exclamation mark to appear in our character when the line is off resting in the water, at the time this happens in Stardew Valley we have to activate the activation again, and we will enter a mini-game, where we have to make the green bar in which the icon of the fish is moving up and down, with the activation button we will adjust the bar when moving with the fish, at the moment that the bar If it reaches the top, it will be captured, otherwise progress will be lost by getting the fish to escape, it is also possible that the capture is a treasure chest, with what is obtained with the escape.

In the water when we are fishing, bubbles can be noticed, which means that in relation to how to fish in these places we will have greater chances of a fish falling on the line, managing to increase the fishing area, the green bar in a range that will lead us to a higher success in Stardew Valley to catch some fish instead of garbage, it is important that the line goes directly to the bubbles, having a high level of the farmer range we will be able to have fishing lines, baits and Extra lures, ensuring that the quality of the fish we catch are of higher quality, being able to even sell them in the market.

Finally, now that we know how to fish we can move on making the most of this activity in Stardew Valley.

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