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Angel Marquez
2021-01-04 15:11:35

More about: Bitlife

Bitlife is a very lively game and today it leads us to discover how to complete a resolution challenge.

What to know about Bitlife?

We are before a challenge that will be special motivated by the end of the year, which is about resolution, where we have to complete 5 objectives that will have allusion to the new year, so to understand How to complete a resolution challenge in this guide we will see what is necessary, it will only be enough to attend the following content, then let's do it.

How to complete a resolution challenge in Bitlife?

The objectives that we must complete are to go on a diet, go to the gym 10 times, read 10 books, meditate 10 times and go to the club to forget, they certainly do not represent an obstacle, regardless of the order we will be able to face them. See How to complete the resolution challenge, the diet requires visiting the activities page that are on the right side of the relationships, entering mind and body, which takes us to another tab until we reach an icon that indicates the diet, in this way we make the choice we want on the menu, considering money as a necessary factor before making the choice, with a specific cost for each year being activated in Bitlife, when making the choice we have the objective completed, starting from the Same menu we can go to the gym 10 times.
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What we will do is click on the gym option that appears below the diet, just click on the icon 10 times to complete it, the next thing to do in BitLife is to read 10 books, so we will return to the tab of activities that have to do with the body and the mind, the option here is presented at the top of the tab, by pressing this option 10 times we will see this objective completed, once again we return to the menu, and we will see that At the end there is the option of meditation, having to press on these 10 occasions to complete this objective in the same way, what we will need is the visit to the club, it is possible from the activities' menu reaching the bottom that indicates us about the nightlife, what we will do is enter the nightclub we want to visit, considering that we will not be able to access all of them, but when we manage to enter one we can say that we have solved How to complete a resolution challenge without n no problem.

Finally, now that we know how to complete a resolution challenge we can move on to BitLife.

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